Top 10 – Kia Stinger Edition

Kia’s newest addition has a surprising amount of features that you wouldn’t think could fit into this sporty sedan. The Stinger stands out performance wise and on the road, but what about the attention-to-detail features that Kia has been all about lately? Check out this list we thought were some of the coolest features of the Stinger, besides its good looks.

1. Detonator-style key fob

Key fobs should be cool and the “switchblade” fob is progress, but the Stinger’s stands out. It looks like a detonator for a bomb with the lock button on the top, easily reachable by the thumb. It fits comfortably in you hand and makes you feel like 007 whenever you lock it.

2. Functional side vents

Even though, the hood vents are for aesthetics only, the side vents are functional. They route air from the front of the car into the wheel well and then directing it out through the fender vent down the side of the vehicle.

3. The kick of the turbo 2.0-liter engine

The Stinger’s turbocharged 2.0-liter combines sportiness and fuel efficiency. It produces 255 hp and 260 pound-feet of torque, rocketing the Stinger to 60 mph in a 5.9 seconds. That’s plenty of power to scoot into traffic. 22 miles per gallon in the city and 29 mpg on the highway for a 25-mpg combined rating is pretty good for a sporty sedan like this.

4. Shift into sport mode

Switching the car into Sport mode makes a few changes. Programming for throttle response and steering weight changes. The transmission holds its gears longer to keep the engine in that sweet spot, making for a more exciting driving experience.

5. Technology that works

Apple CarPlay, Andriod Auto, and UVO… Oh my! Tons of infotainment all on a convenient touch-screen. Don’t forget about safety features, like, rear-cross traffic alert, blindspot detection, back up camera, and on some trims heads up display. Every technological feature in the Stinger has the driver in mind.

6. It’s a hatchback

The Stinger’s sloping roofline and hatchback design lead to a spacious cargo area that’s easy to load and unload. It has 23 cubic feet of cargo space with the seats up. The Stinger also has a removable divider if your cargo requires more space and 17 feet of trunk space.

7. Steering wheel mounted shifter and paddles

You won’t find dials, buttons, or awkward monostable shifters here. The Stinger has a sporty T-shaped shifter that feels great in your hands. It’s wrapped in a soft rubber material and, when you pull it into Drive, makes a satisfying click. It feels like you’re doing something rather than pushing a button. There’s no manual transmission option in the Stinger, but the steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters – made from real metal – add a feeling of sportiness.

8. Multi-directional vents

Not only do the air vents look cool, but their full range of motion means you can point all three of the center vents to either front seat. They look neat, and their form serves their function.

9. Room for happy passengers

Two center mounted air vents will keep your rear passengers cool or toasty. There is a surprisingly large amount of leg room in the Stinger that will keep even the tallest backseat driver comfortable.

10. Easy LATCH access

If you’re a parent prone to swapping car seats between vehicles, accessing the LATCH system can be a pain. The Stinger makes getting to them simple, by concealing the anchors behind an easy-access flap. There’s no digging between seats to buckle your kiddos in.

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