Go the Distance – Road Tripping with Kia

Some of the best things about owning a Kia, is that you can road trip in comfort and style. Starting in Longmont Colorado, we’ve figured out how far you can road trip on two fill ups. One to get you there and one to get you back home.

You can take the 2018 Kia Forte and head to Flaming Gorge, UT. This National Recreation Area is known for trout fishing, cool clear waters in the summer and Petroglyphs (rock art) that suggests Native Americans hunted and fished there for centuries. Bring your camping gear or book a cabin near the gorge for a beautiful nature getaway. According to Kia’s specs, the Forte gets 32mpg and has a tank size of 13.2 gallons. $74 dollars for a round trip gas expense is nothing short of exceptional for this compact sedan.

We all are aware that Roswell New Mexico is known for aliens and hopefully you know that the 2018 Niro is known for its 50mpg gas mileage. Hop in your Niro and set the GSP for Roswell. Visit the International UFO Museum & Research Center, shop on Main Street and visit one of the many Natural areas around Roswell or Spring River Park and Zoo. There are plenty of informational and active things you can do here that will fit your idea of a Roswell vacation. Spending 66 bucks on gas in the Niro, roundtrip, is out of this world.

Can you think of a better place than Yellowstone to take a Niro Plug-In Hybrid to? It’s electric and gas range of 520 miles you’ll make it there and back without even breaking the bank at $64 in fuel round trip. All that saved cash will give you the chance to explore the National Park, enjoy the hot springs, and encounter some wildlife. By the end of this trip you’ll be calling your Niro PIH Old Faithful.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the hub of outdoor recreation activities and then the Kia Optima can get you there. The fuel tank in the Optima is a whopping 18.5 gallons which can bring you 536 miles on one tank of gas, which is impressive for a sedan.   Jackson Hole is an impressive destination you can go wildlife watching, skiing, fishing, hiking… Almost any outdoor activity you can think of, can be done in there.

If Devil’s Tower, Wyoming is your destination, then the Kia Rio is your vehicle.  Camp, climb, and learn all about this amazing natural formation in Wyoming. In the Rio, filling up there and back will only cost you 66 bucks. Leaving you plenty of extra money to enjoy this iconic Monument from the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Pile into the Sedona and take a trip back in time to the Canyons of the Ancients in Colorado. There are plenty of sights to take in while in this corner of the state like visiting Kivas, cliff dwellings and cave art. If you are feeling adventurous you can take a scenic hike or bike the Sand Canyon trail. Getting there is a short drive and costs less than you would think. In the Sedona you’ll get 422 miles a fill up and only costs about $118 to get you there and back.

Kia has already taken the Sorento to Moab, Utah and you can experience it for yourself. Getting to Moab only takes one $53 fill up. Get ready because you will be busy. Go to the national parks, tour a winery, ride ATVs, go on a photography tour. There are tons of possibilities of things to do and places to get to in the Sorento.

Santa Fe New Mexico is an exciting and colorful destination and there’s no better vehicle to get you there than the Soul. Santa Fe is known for their arts and cultural destinations hiking and biking can be done year round. The Soul averages 383 miles per tank which will get you there and back with only $40 per fill up.

South Dakota might not sound like the coolest state to visit, but in the Sportage you can take in the beauty of the Black Hills National Forest on just one fill up. See Mount Rushmore. Check out Custer State Park and you might see a herd of bison! There are plenty of places to camp and many sites to see, you won’t be disappointed. Filling up the Sportage to get here won’t be disappointing either, at about $90 round trip for gas.

Traveling in the Stinger is about as much fun as you can have driving a car! Hop in and head to Canyonlands National Park in Utah. Plan an overnight trip to camp and hike around Utah’s largest national park. Or just drive the Stinger around The Island in the Sky and enjoy some beautiful scenery and spectacular views! If gas is $3 per gallon, then getting to Canyonlands will only cost about 45 bucks! Maybe you’ll even run into a Sorento visiting Moab.

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