Self-Expression Just Got Easier with the 2019 Soul

2019 Kia Soul Paint Color Options

Talking about how personality and fun are important, but underrated, characteristics for your vehicle to have. This isn’t common knowledge and if anything, automotive manufacturers have done an excellent job of framing the vehicle as an appliance to try and distract drivers from the fact that most crossovers are boring and joyless vehicles.

Kia’s unique and personality-driven approach to engineering, design and problem-solving, the Kia Soul has risen to the status of an icon on the road. It’s different – a car that forces a smile when you see it pass. Kia didn’t just build a happy car, however, they made a car that is fun and delightful on the outside and technology-filled and cavernous on the inside. With the Soul, Kia proves that both form and function are compatible.

What Connection is there Between Car Color and Personality?

Whether consciously or otherwise, your car color can say a lot about your personality. Here’s a quick run-down of some descriptors that match each color:

  • Black – Sophisticated, mysterious, commanding respect
  • Gray – Grounded, understated, unpretentious
  • Silver – Futuristic, visionary, optimistic
  • Stark white – Elegant, meticulous, successful
  • Pearl white/ivory – Luxurious, glamorous, extra
  • Red – Sensual, visceral, confident
  • Blue – Safe, calm, trustworthy
  • Yellow – Easy-going, happy, demanding attention
  • Green – Offbeat, harmonious, mindful
  • Orange – Artsy, energetic, challenging

Since the color of your car is, in and of itself, a first impression and you’ll statistically own your Kia Soul for more than five years, so getting a color you love is very important. Luckily, Kia has you covered with 11 color options for the 2019 Soul.

2019 Kia Soul Exterior Paint Color Options

2019 Kia Soul Base Colors

  • Clear White
  • Bright Silver
  • Alien II
  • Inferno Red
  • Shadow Black

2019 Kia Soul + Colors

  • Clear White
  • Clear White / Red
  • Bright Silver
  • Titanium Gray
  • Alien 2
  • Wild Orange
  • Inferno Red
  • Inferno Red / Black
  • Caribbean Blue
  • Mysterious Blue
  • Shadow Black

2019 Kia Soul! Colors

  • Clear White
  • Bright silver
  • Titanium Gray
  • Inferno Red
  • Shadow Black

With this wide range of available colors, surely you can find a 2019 Kia Soul that matches your own unique personality.

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