What Changed from the 2016 Kia Sportage to the 2017 Kia Sportage?

Whenever a new model year is released, especially one that boasts a redesign, typically the biggest question surrounding the vehicle launch, what changed? We’ve laid it out for you…

Some of the obvious changes that are quick to see are the new light placements, fog lights, grille, badge placement on the back of the car. Both coming at a width of 73” and the 2017 model comes with available autonomous breaking which the sensor is visible from the front

Both year models have similar exterior profiles, but you’ll see the 2017 takes on a sportier look. The 16 coming at a length of 174.8” and 175.2” depending on the trim and the 17 coming to 176.4”, a slightly larger wheelbase on the ’17, but the same ground clearance on both models

Lastly we have the rear, which both look similar with break light and blinker placement, but with the ’17 redesign we see a more elaborate taillight, with a reflector that reach across from both taillights

Inside the vehicle, the dash design has taken on a new look as the car now comes with a touch display screen as standard feature, and this is due to all of the trims now containing a rear camera display.

And the sunroof in the ’17 is a full one-piece panoramic sunroof rather than a 2-piece panoramic sunroof found in the 2016 Sportage.

With the ’17 you’ll also find available blindspot detection, lane change assist, rear cross traffic alert, smart power lift gate, while in the 16… none of those are brought to the table, showing that Kia really put it in gear this time around with the new Sportage design

If some of these chart-topping features don’t help seal the deal, then maybe the recently acclaimed award of the Top Safety Pick Plus, which is the highest safety rating that can be achieved, the Sportage won!

To get a closer look at the 2017 Sportage, click here to view inventory, see photos, and read more details.

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