2017 Kia Cadenza – Coming Soon!

2017 Cadenza Coming Soon

The 2nd generation Kia Cadenza sharpened up it’s exterior by adding stunning details which include a new concave grille, Z-shaped LED daytime running lights and tail light graphics, chrome detailing on the side mirrors and window frames, a chrome enhancement that links the tail lights, and a subtle rear spoiler.

Open the door and you’ll see the quilted Nappa leather upholstery appointed with increased front seat headroom and rear seat legroom. The driver’s seat is mounted lower, while the extended seat cushion boasts a mechanism that slides and rotates for ease and added comfort. The heated seats have gone through an improvement allowing for evenly distributed warmth while incorporating a smart control system to reduce the heat after a certain amount of time.   As far as color options go, Kia has added a brown interior color scheme as well as a White Package with a black pearlescent wood grain trim as an upgrade option.

Technology improved this go around as well with the change of the Smart Trunk feature that opens the trunk door if the key fob is detected for more than three seconds eliminating the need to place your foot under the rear bumper. An optional 12-speaker Harman Kardon sound system with ClariFi music restoration technology and a wireless smartphone charger have been added as well as Kia’s latest-generation UVO infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality, which is included as a standard feature. Rain sensors were placed behind the rear view mirror to automatically activate the wipers when rain drops are detected, as well as the auto defogger system that senses condensation on the inside of the front windshield and kicks on the defogger to maintain full visibility.

Under the hood, two options are available to choose from. The quiet and fuel-efficient engines available on the Cadenza offer bracing mid and low-range torque. Each is teamed up with an automatic transmission to offer quick acceleration and surprisingly smooth gear changes. An 8-speed automatic transmission is paired with the 3.3 GDI engine. Additional gears offer more power and better efficiency in different speed ranges. A 6-speed automatic transmission is matched to the 3.3 MPI engine’s characteristics. The result is smooth shifts and confident acceleration.

The implementation of Drive Wise, a new company wide enhancement from Kia promoting safety and comfort, enhances the ability to have an enjoyable driving experience. Those features include the following:

Lane Change Assist (LCA): issues visual alerts on the side mirrors if it senses a vehicle approaching rapidly from behind.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA): when you back out of a parking spot or driveway, this system gives you a warning if it detects any cross traffic in the lane the vehicle is entering.

Blind Spot Detection (BSD): using radar scanners, BSD can detect vehicles or objects entering one the blind spots at the rear. At speeds above 18 mph, BSD flashes side-mirror warning lights when an object is detected. It elevates the warning if you turn the indicator on to change lanes.

Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC): this system uses a radar sensor at the front of the vehicle to monitor the distance to the vehicle ahead. To preserve a predetermined safe distance, it will apply the brakes, and even stop the car, until the vehicle ahead proceeds.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS): this active safety feature uses a camera mounted at the top of the windshield to monitor lane markings, and alerts you if the vehicle deviates from the lane when the turn signal has not been activated.

Around View Monitor (AVM): at speeds below 12 mph, the new AVM seamlessly combines wide-angle images from cameras at the front, rear and sides of the vehicle. Get a bird’s-eye view of what’s around the Cadenza, now with consistent brightness and more than triple the pixel resolution.

We are keeping our eyes peeled for a launch date from Kia. Stay tuned for more details, and you are welcome to view current 2016 Cadenza inventory now!

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